Sep 112010

Let’s see. Niello had to be aggressive and had to knock Ted Gaines.

At the debate – Niello was obviously nervous when it started, but as the evening progressed, he lit in to Ted Gaines a few times.

The overriding theme is that “I am the Honest Tax Raiser” – Ted is not.

That kind of leaves Barbara Alby as the only one who did not raise our taxes – if what Niello says is true.

It is an extreme risk to highlight your primary weakness in an attack on your political foe – but that is exactly what Niello has chosen to do.

Niello seems to think  that voting for AB 1422 (which, ironically, Niello also voted for) is going to counter-balance voting for the largest tax increase in state history.

Roger Niello also has another problem – Howard Jarvis and Lew Uhler’s National Tax Limitation Committee have endorsed Ted Gaines. The Jarvis endorsement of Meg Whitman for example, was devastating to her opponent.

People will rightly ask – why are these anti-tax groups endorsing Ted Gaines versus what Niello says?

I would not have voted for AB1422 – both Gaines and Niello were wrong for supporting it. But, it looks like the late Senator Dave Cox drug them both in to supporting that bill. In the State Senate only Dave Cox, the Tax-Raiser Abel Maldonado and the compromised Roy Ashburn supported AB1422.

What was this heinous bill? It was an extension of a 2.35% premium tax on health insurance to fund Medi-Cal, in particular rural health care.

Ted Gaines did not break the no new taxes pledge by voting for it.

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