Sep 122010

As I have written previously – I am at odds with Tim Herman ideaologically on a few issues. However, I have known him for 13 years through the Roseville Chamber of Commerce and also know his dental practice.

I had the ability to speak with Tim at length about a number of issues to get a feel for the only DTS candidate running for Roseville City Council. (Both Sam Cannon and Susan Rohan are Republicans)

I started by asking Tim about the Barack Obama signs in his front lawn – several people reported to me that they has seen them. Tim insisted that was someone else’s home and that he did not support Obama. (He did not specify who his choice for President was, and I did not ask)

Tim Herman did indeed endorse Charlie Brown with his title of Rec Commissioner over Republican Congressman Tom McClintock. Herman explained that he voted for Doug Ose in the Primary and then voted for Charlie in the General. He saw the Charlie Brown as a Moderate vs. the hard-line Conservative Tom McClintock.

In addition – Tim did confirm for me that his daughter worked for Charlie Brown’s campaign. Brown has since been appointed to the pentagon and has left the area.

(Herman’s daughter is currently working for Democrat Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson)

I should have followed up about all of the local Democrat endorsements Mr. Herman is touting – but I think the course of the conversation explains why Herman’s endorsement list appears to tilt left.

Sam Cannon’s endorsement list is a cadre of local Republicans – including 4 fellow Planning Commissioners, the Late Senator Dave Cox, but also takes in DTS Placer Superintendent of Schools Gayle Garbolino-Mojica and   DTS City Councilmember Jim Gray.

Herman’s Ballot Statement touts Gina Garbolino, Ed Bonner and Carol Garcia. Garcia re-registered Republican before running for Roseville City Council – the other two are Democrats. The connection between Garbolino, Garcia and Herman dates back to the Roseville Chamber of Commerce.

That’s where I met Tim Herman as I stated earlier – all three of the aforementioned were entrenched in the Roseville Chamber.

When I continue my series on Tim Herman – I asked him what his vision was for Roseville, his views on fiscal issues, social issues and his experiences that make him qualified his mind to run for City Council…

Suffice to say – Tim told me that Democrats should get out of his office and Republicans should stay out of his bedroom… that is why he is DTS. His selection of candidates in the 2008 Congressional race suggests voting consistent with the prior sentence.

Tim Herman – the DTS candidate for Roseville City Council.

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