Sep 062010

At the Placer County Republican Party BBQ – Doug LaMalfa was one of four speakers. The other three – Alby, Gaines and Niello are all combatants for the SD-01 race nomination.

Doug LaMalfa’s overriding message was one of unity – have your disagreements at the dinner table, not one the blogs or the front page of the paper.

In describing Meg Whitman – he indicated that he’d agree with her 85% of the time and on the other 15% that she would be persuadable.

In describing Abel Maldonado – he excorated Gavin Newsome calling him evil, indicating that Newsome represents the worst extreme of the Democrat Party.

LaMalfa also had some choice words for Kamala Harris – the Democrat nominee for Attourney General… citing the fact that she refused to prosecute Cop Killers.

He reminded people that we could take 3-5 down ticket statewide elections in this election and unity was critical.

In the course of his remarks – he also described the upcoming fight to keep the Jeff Denham Senate seat in the fold and possibilities to take Dean Florez and Lou Correa’s State Senate seats as well.

He was the first of the four speakers whose theme was that 2010 will be a good year for Republicans.

LaMalfa brought his Muscle Car that had been painted for the race and as seen on his website – he roasted em up – leaving a nice trail as he left the parking lot. (Nice car!!!)

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