Sep 222010

Devastating Blow to Tim Herman’s campaign – Richard Rocucci and Pauline Rocucci choose David Larson and his “managed growth” and green policies over businessman Tim Herman.

David Larson – the Farmer’s agent whose business is listed in the LGBT directory (since pulled) as a preferred provider is now the choice of the Liberal Democrat establishment.

This is a crushing defeat for Tim Herman as he made a play to be the candidate to appeal to the left and the Center. But he lost the sweepstakes for a few of Placer County’s key Liberals…

Now David Larson is marching in to battle boasting the whos’ who of Placer liberals (and LGBT groups):

Supervisors Jennifer Montgomery and Jack Duran – the erstwhile leftist kingmakers of Placer County.

Rene Aguilera and Gary Miller from the Roseville City School Board and

Longtime Democrat Off-and-On Roseville City Councilmembers Pauline and Richard Rocucci…

Larson also received the endorsement of the LGBT Victory fund.

Interestingly – the Vicotry Fund wrote the following:

In 2008, a little more than half of the local voters cast their vote in favor of Proposition 8, which ended marriage equality in California.  It’s important that voters get to know people like David, who will work tirelessly for the city he loves while also being open and honest about himself and his spouse.

Really? I thought it was the Roseville Press-Tribune’s use of the word “Wife” that got that out in to the open… but I digress.

I wonder how Jefferson and Jackson would feel about Prop 8? Well their names are on the Placer County Democrat Party Website next to announcing David’s campaign kick-off party

The Stonewall Democrats – a club all about promoting Homosexual candidates for public office has A listed David Larson on their honor roll.

Larson is indeed to the Left of Tim Herman and represents the drive for Leftist purity that Rene Aguilera, Jennifer Montgomery and Jack Duran will apparantly seek from candidates they endorse.

The consequences for Tim Herman are severe – part of his strategy obviously included appealing to more of the left than just the group of Democrats he cited in his ballot statement.

This means he will have to double-down with the Roseville Chamber of Commerce crowd – many of whom are Conservative and could fly the coup after the candidate forum last week.

Will the developers and Chamber of Commerce groups pull through for Tim Herman or will Sam Cannon continue to frustrate Tim Herman’s efforts to break out?

You can see the shift in strategy as there have been some not-so-subtle attempts to tie Tim Herman to front-runner and prohibitive favorite Susan Rohan at public events. (Such as music in the park)

Bottom line – David Larson just became a legitimate force again and the odd man out could be Tim Herman.


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