Sep 072010

The CRA – the Placer CRA, Sac RA, and Consumes RA combined to host a candidate debate at La Sierra Community Center in Carmichael.

Karen England was the moderator and did an excellent job. Tim Snipes the Sac RA President who is also working for Roger Niello organized the event and removed himself from the program – deferring 100% to Karen to run the evening.

I am going to go in to detail later on each candidate – but I have no reason to start torching people I am not supporting until I see someone go below the belt vs Ted Gaines.

That being said – Roger Niello came in knowing two things, 1) he was in front of a Conservative audience, and 2) he needed to score a knockout against Ted Gaines. The strategy for a knockout was laid at the Placer GOP BBQ when Neillo spoke about “appearances” and “veneers”.

Niello did not score a knockout – but he did what he needed to do.

Barbara Alby’s strategy at both the Placer County BBQ on Labor Day and the Debate tonight was simple. I am the outsider Conservative and I am the only ture activist running for SD-01.

She got her points across.

Ted Gaines strategy was to remind people that he did not raise your taxes and that he is the established Conservative.

When Neillo went after Ted Gaines on several issues (that I will lay out in detail in a follow-up post) it basically showed people who the underdog and who the front-runner is.

Gaines ran a clean debate – while he is not as gifted a public speaker as either Alby or Niello – but he got his own points across.

This may be the only event like it the SD-01 Special Election sees and it was the CRA that brought it to you.

When this post is followed up on – I am going to go in-depth on the strategies of each campaign…

Conclusion – there was no clear winner in the debate which basically means the front runner – Ted Gaines “won on points”. (To use a boxing term)

P.S. – I have no financial interest in any of the campaigns involved.

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