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Let me get this straight – you’re feeling a sense of panic and foreboding so you get Barney Fwank and his partner “Jim” (Fwank’s words, not mine) to come out to California on a vacation to raise money for you?

(Scroll down to read the snippet about Congressman Barney Frank coming to California with his partner)

Let’s hope that Congressman Fwank’s only skeleton is the Homosexual prostitute he had on the Federal payroll…

Boxer’s other good friend – Maxine Waters just went the way of Charlie Rangel. Except that Maxine Waters is counting on the Democrat majority to whitewash her ethics charges. (She requested a trail before Congress on her rap sheet)

And Boxer believes that Carly Fiorina’s comments about her hairdo should outweigh any other transgressions. In fact, we are all supposed to forget that Boxer was calling Fiorina out while Fiorina was still in the hospital recovering from Brest Cancer Reconstructive Surgery!

But when you’re a Democrat, it is operation “Permanent Victim”.

Voters are going to sigh and roll their eyes as they vote to fire Boxer. Note to Congressman Fwank and Calbuzz – quit whining while you’re getting your ass kicked. It only makes it easier to blog about you. (BTW – Boxer’s hairdo is a museum peice – either hook her up with John Edwards crew for a $500 update or maybe the guy that did Clinton’s hair while holding up air traffic at LaGuardia?)

I can’t believe I am offering Barbara Boxer advice…

But there is absolutely no therapy for the connection between proven scum Maxine Watters and Barbara Boxer:

For most of us, “Boxer” is a name synonymous with liberalism and perhaps a certain daftness, as opposed to corruption. Yet it turns out that Boxer, who has benefited from significant support from Waters in previous elections like, say, that of 2004, has been quite happy to pony up the cash to Waters’ daughter in order to snatch a spot on the LA Vote sample ballot. Per Art Levine, writing for the American Prospect in 2005:

   In last November’s election, Waters’ congressional campaign committee handled the slate-mailer operation under tighter fund-raising restrictions. Yet most candidates and initiative campaigns still paid more than $ 85,000 to get on it, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records. Senator Barbara Boxer’s campaign was the most generous, paying $25,000 to the Waters committee.

(Read the whole story for context here)

Can you feel the desperation? The Democrats are only going to come even further unscrewed as their grip on the reins of power fades.

For Barbara Boxer, being surrounded by freaks and scum is far worse than a lousy haircut. Especially when you have to call a cancer patient out of the hospital the day after her surgery to try and score points.

P.S. It is an embarrassing double standard. John Doolittle was exhonerated 6 1/2 years later and he was assumed to be guilty until the investigation was dropped. In contrast, Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel had the media and fellow Democrats running interference until the stench was so great not even they could stand it anymore.

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  1. Lee – could you come over and help me count all the money I am getting from Carly?

    It will take about 1 second.

    Barney Fwank speaks with a lisp and is a great character. His approval rating outside of Massachusetts is about 5%. Go ahead, make a victim out of him, please.

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