Aug 092010

Maxine Waters – she makes Barbara Boxer look well-behaved.

Jerry McNerney – rode in to office by assassinating the character of Richard Pombo. McNerney made the money Pombo got from Jack Abramoff in to a major campaign issue.

Maxine Waters has determined to make her ethics trial as painful as possible for the Democrat Party. She must be angry that her friends in the media could not keep the lid on anymore. That’s how it works when you’re a Dem. You stay in office years after getting caught.

To this date, Democrat members of Congress have returned $673K in dirty Rangel money. (A small portion of that is Maxine Waters Cash)

Here sits Jerry McNerney – that paragon of ethics. Whoops! $21k from Rangel, but he returned it. (only after getting lit up over it by the way)

Proof that McNerney didn’t really mean it? – he still has $1,000 from Maxine Waters.

It is dramatic irony isn’t it that Nancy Pelosi’s pet empty uniform has not stood up to question the ethics of his own party? One should not be suprised – the so-called Blue Dog McNerney votes with Nancy Pelosi 98.5% of the time.

Closing time, tin soldier… are you going to return the $1K from Waters or does it really not matter to you?

It comes around – the ethics monster is poised to take a chunk out of McNerney, and none to soon for the water starved farmers and the abused residents of the 11th Congressional District.

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