Aug 102010

Tulchin Research says Peter er. Richard Pan is within 4 points of Andy Pugno!

Whoops, they left out a candidate – someone who is Female and will likely pull 10% of the vote.

But, like most liberals – Tulchin Research must think facts are annoying as heck. I mean, with the valliant warrior for Russian values, Vaughn Walker just delivering Andy Pugno the beat down from his bench… you’d think Pugno would be under the wheels by now…

Also note that Tulchin fails to mention the distribution of the 400 voters they surveyed and what Positive and Negative information they used to get alternative results.

Ladies and gentlemen – this is called a push poll. In RightonDaily terms, this is called KOOL-AID.

Try again Tulchin and poll real people for a change – oh and don’t forget the “other” candidates, prop 14 is not in effect yet.


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