Jul 052010

When Amnesty was President Bush’s idea – Boxer thought it was bad.

Remember the guest worker stuff? Bush’s idea had no path to citizenship in the deal – I guess that was far better than what Obama wants today.

That is give them amnesty, put ’em on welfare then register them Democrat. I call that a path to poverty, not a path to Citizenship.

Is that an extreme statement? Think about the Civil rights act of 1964 – then the “Great Society” of 1965. 45 years later – 77% illegitimacy rate, 54% drop out rate and 38% of all abortions credited to African-Americans. The Great Society was supposed to provide a way out – instead, it has provided a permanent stay in poverty for millions.

KKK Grand Wizard and Democrat Icon Senator Robert Byrd is smiling from his grave.

Barbara Boxer and the Democrats in all their glory want a path to poverty for millions of law-breaking illegal immigrants.

But in 2007, when “bringing illegals in out of the cold” was Bush’s idea – Boxer and Obama worked to kill it:

In 2007, Senator Boxer Launched A “Direct Assault” On Bipartisan Immigration Reform. “BASH (voice over): The first direct assault on a bipartisan immigration proposal is being launched from the left. Democrats trying to torpedo a temporary worker program.  SEN. BARBARA BOXER (D), CALIFORNIA: It is a pool of cheap labor at the expense of the American worker. It’s as simple as that.” (“Lou Dobbs Tonight,” CNN, 5/22/07)

WOW! Where is such principle now? Cheap Labor to bring overall wages down? — a path to poverty. Millions of new welfare recipients? — a path to poverty. Today in 2010, this is what Boxer wants.

Boxer Teamed Up With North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan To Insert A Poison Pill Amendment Killing The Guest Worker Program. “Dorgan and his cosponsor, California Democrat Barbara Boxer, said Democrats will offer several additional amendments aimed at modifying the guest worker program.” (Michael Sandler, “Immigration Bill Clears First Hurdle In Senate,” Congressional Quarterly, 5/22/07)

Dorgan’s Amendment Passed 49-48 With Support From Both Boxer and Then-Senator Obama. (S.Amdt. 1316 to S.Amdt. 1150 to S. 1348, Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007, YEAs 49 – NAYs 48, Boxer: YEA, Obama: YEA, 6/6/07)

Boxer – caught again in the web of her own BS.

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