Jun 182010

She’s an Icon. In office 28 years. Liberal as all hell.

Democrats should LOVE her. She had opponents with no money and one of them, Mickey Kaus debated a cardboard box in effigy of her.

She left 20% of the vote on the table to candidates that spent the filing fee and little else.

Boxer has needed three Presidential Bailouts – including one at the expense of the victims of the Rig Explosion.

Boxer has a huge problem – the Delta Smelt.

Key Stakeholders Predicted Heavy Job Losses From Lack Of Water In California’s Central Valley. “‘The consequences are expected to be pretty horrible in terms of farmers’ revenue, but what’s really disconcerting are the possible job losses,’ said Wendy Martin, who leads the agency’s drought division. ‘Those communities that can least weather an economic downturn are going to be some of the places that are hit the hardest.’ Richard Howitt, a professor of agriculture economics at the University of California, Davis, estimates that $1.6 billion in agriculture-related wages, and as many as 60,000 jobs across the Central Valley will be lost in the coming months due to dwindling water.” (The Desert Sun, 1/26/09)

Now Take a look at Boxer’s Percentage Vote vs the Unemployment numbers by county:

   Election Day Support Unemployment Rate   
   Kern 66.7% 16.5%   
   Tulare 65.8% 16.9%   
   Kings 63.4% 16.8%   
   Fresno 73.0% 16.9%   
   Madera 65.1% 16.3%   
   Mariposa 74.0% 12.2%   
   Merced 67.5% 19.9%   
  Stanislaus 67.3% 18.3%   

Boxer’s Kool-Aid drinkers will say that she got 85-87% in other counties.

Boxer’s Kool-Aid drinkers will get their come-uppance when the rest of the state finds out that she could have helped the Central Valley – but refused to do so because she has sold her soul to the enviros.

I predict that Wildlife Defense Fund will be as popular as incumbent by November.

Barbara Boxer promised that the economic stimulus bill would keep unemployment below 8%. Whoops.

P.S. Do not under any circumstances call Barbara Boxer Ma’am.

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