Jun 092010

The voters have spoken, get over it. Doug LaMalfa kicked Rick Keene’s —.

State Senator-elect Doug LaMalfa – it will be interesting to see what the district looks like when it is re-drawn. (Will Rocklin still be in the district?)  But, until then – you have this blogger’s full support, end of story.

Seeing what Prop 14 does to the election process should also be the stuff of debates for years.

  One Response to “Congratulations, Doug LaMalfa”

  1. Regarding David Harmer and CD 11, the voters have spoken. Amador barely escaped coming in last place. And that’s after he held an early lead in the race, as measured by my spring baseline survey for Harmer.

    So now does Harmer get your full support? Everyone should get behind David Harmer, the solid conservative in this swing district.

    Editor’s Note – Every post I wrote slamming Harmer is being removed.

    You can quote me, “David Harmer for Congress, anything else is a disaster for California.”

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