Jun 052010

The Information Minister is sending out three emails a day talking about how he can overcome a 30 point deficit with 3 days to go and no money.

The Tax Engine pulled his $4300 ad buy and James FisFisFis can’t fix fix fix the Tax Engine as it has run out of fuel (due to carbon emission taxes).

The MSM knows this – which is why they are already distorting Carly Fiorina. Look for far more of this in the future. Boxer is already trailing smoke and the MSM is going to rally around one of their favorites.

The Moonbats are in an uproar that Carly Fiorina is pushing back against the Religion of global warming. (Got that DeVore?) Quoting RedState.com:

Fiorina’s first point is that our country and California face very significant proximate challenges, like the economy, what does Barbara Boxer focus on? Climate change. But she (BOXER) has got nothing to say about the economy, other than more taxes and money for the public sector unions that are bankrupting her state. Right now, California’s unemployment rate stands in excess of 12 percent and has shown no signs of falling.  According to the US Department of Labor, 11 of the 14 metropolitan areas currently suffering from unemployment rates of at least 15% are located in California.

Carly Fiorina supports the AB32 suspension initiative of Dan Logue.

    * In 2007, Boxer was one of just 25 senators to vote against supplemental funding for US efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    * In 2003, Boxer voted against $87 billion in supplemental funding for Iraq and Afghanistan reconstruction.  87 senators voted for it.
    * Back in 1999, she also voted against funding for efforts in Kosovo

Nice, Huh? Boxer was hoping and squeezing her power crystals that Tom Campbell would be the nominee. Now she’s on the political tracks.

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