May 132010

I can’t help myself. Seeing the polling data and the reactions to it tells me it is real. Steve Poizner has overcome $100million dollars.

I started asking myself – self? My did Whitman’s Campaign fall apart?

10. Whitman gave $300,000 to the Environmental Defense Fund – the Group that sued to turn the water off to the Southern Central Valley in Favor of the Delta Smelt.

9. Whitman supports Taxpayer-Funded Abortion and attacked Steve Poizner for being Pro-Choice. (see also Hypocricy)

8. Whitman opposes across-the-board-tax-cuts. This puts her in the category of Thomas the Tax Engine (Tom Campbell).

7. Whitman thinks California’s Gun-Control Laws are OK.

6. Whitman waffled on the AB-32 suspension initiative (does #10 have anything to do with that?)

5. Whitman took 5 different positions on Prop 8. (She originally supported Prop 8 then tried to clarify it)

4. Whitman is tied to Goldman Sachs – like a noose.

3. Whitman really didn’t have all that money?

2. Whitman bought the Red County Blog. (Couldn’t help myself) See the payments of $20K and $15Kx3 to

1. Meg Whitman is a huge fan of Van Jones.

Steve Poizner only need two things – The California Republican Assembly Endorsement and the Endorsement of Tom McClintock.


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