May 222010

Ahhhh, the daily joke. The blog of the left of the left. If you support business, then you are a right-winger. If you think commerce should exist along with trees, you are a hereitc. (in an atheist sort of way)

And now the Atheist, Progressive, Environmentalists have concocted a poll!

And they like Marxist Republican Tom Campbell who was obviously looking for some good news after the PPIC beat-down.

With DeVore getting Blumenthaled over his Military “Record” and voters getting to know Thomas the Tax Engine – looks like the filly is on the rail and making her move in to the last furlong.

Meantime – I have to subject you to the latest Daily Joke Poll (because Campbell’s team actually sent this drivel out…)

May 21, 2010

A just-released independent Daily Kos poll shows Tom with a 15-point lead among likely GOP voters, with his vote tally higher than the combined totals of his opponents. The poll was conducted May 17-19.

Tom Campbell         37
Carly Fiorina            22
Chuck DeVore         14
Undecided                27

Since the last Daily Kos poll in March, Campbell’s support has increased by 4 points, Fiorina’s support has fallen by 2 and DeVore has doubled his vote.
In a general election match-up, Tom continues to be Boxer’s toughest challenger, according to the poll.

Interestingly, the poll was taken two weeks after Fiorina launched her TV ad blitz.

Pass it on.

Help – I’ve just been Kosed.

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