May 212010

There is something called arrogance, and then there is bravado.

First off, calling your Assembly colleagues Scam-Suckers and Theives is ballsy – especially when you’re attempting to represent the minority party who is about 1 million registrations behind the 8-ball.

It is quite another thing to misrepresent (aka Lie) about your military service – especially when it is the cornerstone of your campaign.

DeVore did both.

Now he is trying to spin out of one of his four gaffes.

Chuck DeVore’s Blumenthal  moments are preserved in perpetuity in the LA Times and on the Weekly Standard. (and this blog)

DeVore misrepresented his status as a reservist vs retired. Fail

He claimed he was shot at in Lebanon. Fail

He claimed the Syrians drove him off a hill in the Golan Heights. Epic Fail.

Now DeVore is wrestling with the tar baby instead of taking the hit and driving on. This is the same DeVore that revels in setting people on fire at the first hint of trouble then making self-righteous statements about his own ethics.

Small problem, ethics also applies to lying.

But of course, this was the LA Times’ fault for pointing out the descrepancies. Yes, we know they are moonbats for Boxer – but even a  broken clock is right twice a day.

So DeVore digs in and breathes new life into his Blumenthal moment – now he is going to have to answer the other two exaggerations / fabrications. (if he can)

… and of course he is going the have to convince his fellow Incumbent Assembly Politicians to not jump ship (at least the ones that haven’t done so already)… that is when they are not practicing scum-sucking theivery, but I digress.

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