Apr 112010

Of all the folks that voted for the Feb 2009 budget and its’ massive tax increases – only Roger Niello has ever stood up in public to explain what he did. Like cowards, the rest ran and hid (when they weren’t getting arrested for DUI’s that is)…

Proof that Niello believed in what he did is evidenced in the SEIU picketing one of Roger Niello’s dealerships after he refused to let their $7800 check buy his support on their contracts.

In addition when you read the above linked flyer – the SEIU had three more pernicious bills that were also killed thanks to Niello – as if unions don’t almost have total control of this state… they are angling for more.

The Labor Unions and in particular the SEIU are a great evil today. Jerry Brown empowered the SEIU in the 1970’s by allowing them collective bargaining rights. When Brown wasn’t busy killing the development of California’s infrastructure – he was selling our future out to his donors.

Now Roger Niello was clear about why he voted for that budget – but that wasn’t enough for the Government Money Addicted (insert Heroin for a comparison) SEIU and other unions. They want everything and now – and will destroy even those that help them unless they get complete compliance.

That is fascism.

Do you think the SEIU gives a damn? Look at this blog from the Sacramento Bee (published in the basement of SEIU headquarters) – the arrogance is astounding. The SEIU believes that your and my money is theirs… period.

Read this blog from the SEIU gazette (Sac Bee) and see how Niello was fingered for killing the SEIU contract bill. The Bee spins it as Niello trying to support Prop 1a, while Niello did support  1a – the reasons for doing this were quite a bit more complicated.

But – it’s hard for the Bee to concentrate while mainlining their kool-aid.

The Capitol Weekly also got into the mix – doing the usual blame the Republicans routine. I still haven’t figured out how a 29-51 super-minority of Republicans is so powerful…

…but take note of AB756 – a Bill that requires posting of outsourced contracts. Sounds reasonable, right? Uh-huh, make it really easy for Union thugs to pressure and intimidate legislators, target those getting the contracts – especially if they are Republican donors and of course making it easier for Union shops to market for even more government money.

In the long run – killing that bill may be as important as anything.

Had enough? I’ll let Calitics – via an excerpt from their whiny rant conclude this post:

Niello voted for the budget and supports the ballot measures that resulted from them.  He knows that SEIU has already dropped $500,000 into defeating Prop. 1A, the long-sought spending cap, and has decided to use the leverage of the contract vote to blackmail SEIU into keeping quiet.  Even Republicans who don’t support the special election have no problem taking time out of their busy day to —- on workers, so they are happy do the Governor’s bidding, hoping that, in the aftermath, they can knuckle the union down for more concessions should the measures fail.  Which would be absurd – the Governor made a deal, which includes major concessions from the union, separate from the passage or failure of any ballot measure.


Asm. Niello – one question: Why the HELL did you vote for that budget!? That vote assures that people will never be able to recognize that the above shows far more leadership than I have seen from a TON of Republican legislators.

(follow this up by voting against Maldonado and I will be impressed)

I wonder how many Republican registrations that $7800 bought 😉

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  1. “If you can’t drink their booze, take their money, fool with their women and then vote against ‘em, you don’t belong in politics.”
    -Jess Unruh

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