May 022016

IMG_3747Every campaign for a major office has its’ normal stuff… unknown candidates with access to money and exaggerated resumes. Candidates try to hide obvious things in their backgrounds. Candidates try to pander to various groups, sometimes outright lying.

However, each election yields it’s own stupidity. First, I present you with Ron “Mik”… Mikaluco. He’s a leader. He will tell you himself… repeatedly. On day one of candidate school, you are told to never put your picture on your signs. (Maybe on the 4×8 signs,  and then only if you are photogenic)

This is why the Mikaluco sign is the complete package. It will scare the hell out of anyone that is not a freedom fighter digging a trench in Montana. Worse, it says have a Mik and a smile. I guess Mik is in to drinking, who knew? (not like that is unique in politics)

You will note that Kiley and Mikaluco violated the private property rights of the landowner whose property they placed their signs on. I am sure they will be gone soon.

Next up is Tropical Depression Hanley. He spammed my inbox with an email simply titled, “Request Your Lawn Sign”. For what? Is Mik going to buy me a beer? Is Kiley going to manipulate a jury for me? Is Hanley going to blow the roof off of my house?

You Want a Lawn Sign?
Lawn signs are going out, you still have time to request your lawn sign.
How to Request your Lawn Sign
Just email, campaign manger, Damian, at or will out this form  All we need is your name and address. Don’t worry about being home, our volunteers will set your new sign up in your lawn for you.
Also, if you have a nice size of land by a heavy traffic area, you can request a huge sign. This will help us out a lot.
Thank you,
Kevin (Hurricane) Hanley

That’s it folks – you got the entire email. (Minus one iteration of his logo). It is reassuring to all that the same people that wrote this inspirational email will be mutilating your flowers while you are away at work!

Sometimes, when working on campaigns and seeing candidates (or their staff) I often hearken back to my own personal quest for purpose and meaning. Then I read further and realized that if I had a nice size of land, I too could have a tropical depression on it!

IMG_3741Not to be outdone, Suzanne Jones just got bizarre. I mean she makes Kevin Kiley’s lawyer double-speak seem downright normal. (Jones is also a lawyer)

Did you know YOUR VOICE is HER VOICE!?

Does Suzanne have a voice of her own? Is she telling the world she lacks boundaries and is willing to take on the personality of others to win?

This sign is terrible, it is busy and is way too small. I was only able to see it for what it was because I look for these sorts of things.

The #AD06 race is a mess. But, not for long. Once the land owners of #AD06 clean Hanley, Kiley and Mikaluco’s garbage off of their land, it will be less of a mess.

Somewhere, Cristi Beckstead-Nelson is in a fetal position under her desk thinking about all the meanies on the ballot and how she got robbed by 10 people filing after she started running for this office 18 months ago…

Once the voters take care of the rest at the ballot box – we will go from 11 down to 2. I sure hope at least one of the adults makes it to the runoff…

Meanwhile, I need some Advil. Please, vote for Bill Halldin, it matters more than you may realize.

May 012016

IMG_1849As if the June 2016 Primary Season was not BIZARRE enough? (#MAGA)

Victor Bekhet, the crusader of all that is good and non racist in Placer County just flew in to the side of a building.

#1 He apparently is not familiar with the boundaries of Placer’s 4th Sup District. Evidence? Take a look at the attached, you will note the City of Citrus Heights Road Signs! Perhaps Bekhet is running for the open Sac County Supervisor Seat? (He’d still be in the wrong district, by the way…)

I am not sure what Ken Campbell and Tom Hudson were thinking when they recruited this guy to run for Placer County D4 supervisor. I am not sure what the Placer GOP Cent Com leadership were thinking when they entertained this guy at a recent Cent Com event… for local electeds.

#2, Bekhet has reported $2500 raised total. He spent some of the money to spam email people – and I take note that the photo of his family from his facebook page is in this email. When I had it in a screenshot for, I was a racist meanie and I violated his children. (his words) Well, Victor, who is violating your children now???

(I am still wondering how come his name was available for purchase when I was able to buy the domains…)

Victor Bekhet for Supervisor
Roseville/Granite Bay
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I am a local small business owner and founder of Shenouda Capital Management, a financial planning company.  I was asked to run for the office of Supervisor when community leaders realized the incumbent, Kirk Uhler, was going to run unopposed. (So now we know the real reason Bekhet filed) Uhler was first elected 23 years ago and faced a recall effort in 2010.  It is time for him to move on.  With 90% of his campaign contributions in 2015 coming from the real estate development industry, I believe he favors their causes over his constituents.  For example, his website proclaims that he has “been working…to revise the current Granite Bay Community Plan (GBCP)” although it was updated and unanimously approved in 2012.

The job of Supervisor is to uphold established, democratically-approved plans and ensure that resources are in place to serve the community.  Instead the county is not adequately dealing with over-stressed safety services of fire and police and increasing traffic. Recent Roseville data show a 21% increase in violent crimes and a 72% increase in robberies. Currently there are at least 10 high-density rezone projects planned, requesting to raise density 200-600%. 
There appears to be no cohesive plan to deal with increased traffic as a result of increased density
All of these building projects are being approached in a piecemeal manner with little regard for the community’s actual needs and overall infrastructure capacities. (Gasp, there they go building stuff again and are we sure he is referencing projects in Placer County given the above?)
I wish to commit my education and two decades of finance experience to the betterment of our community. (You know, using my suspended securities license)  I was on the Board of Supervisors with Hostelling International for 8 years, successfully managing a budget of $12 million.  I believe in conservative financial management that will enable us to preserve education, safety, and security standards that have made our community an appealing destination for life, work, and recreation.  We need to attract new businesses that will add lasting jobs, not short-term profits that do little to improve life.
I am not a career politician or part of the establishment. (Yes, that part is clear)  I need your support (and therapy).  Please forward this email to your Roseville and Granite Bay neighbors.  My campaign is grassroots. (Meaning, I will not have a pot to piss in) Please consider volunteering or donating.  I cannot get there without you.
Putting our community first,
Victor Bekhet

I guess I am a racist and am attacking his family again for once again re-posting his own stuff.

It is a recurring theme, when you want revenge, often times you end up looking like a moron. I applaud those that recruited this guy for their stupidity. I can’t wait to see what happens in the fall in local government races.

May 012016

For those of you that are long-time readers of this blog (weather you admit it or not), you may remember that I took an interest in N Allen Sawyer and Carlos Villapuda. The whole caper of the convicted felon Sawyer was that he was attempting to unseat Sheriff Steve Moore with someone who was raising thousands of dollars in cash contributions. Villapuda was using his campaign account like a slush fund and of course, N Allen Sawyer was the convicted felon campaign consultant running the whole mess.

Bonus: They were all Democrats, too.

Well, now it looks like Sheriff Steve Moore got some ‘splainin’ to do of his own. He likes to run guns. Ok, maybe that is a stretch, but he is under investigation for taking advantage of weapon seizures to amass quite an arsenal for pennies on the dollar. Whoops.

Somewhere, the convicted felon N Allen Sawyer is feeling robbed.

District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar said the investigation is complete. The records have been sent to the state Department of Justice and to the FBI for review, she said.

Federales? What the hell is in the water in San Joaquin County!?

Steve Moore endorsed Kathryn Nance for Congress. Whoops.

Congresswoman Mimi Walters, whose own Chief of Staff just got indicted by the feds on 8 felony counts, has also endorsed Nance. Whoops.

Kathryn Nance looks like the second coming of Angie Dickinson on her website. Why didn’t she vet her endorsements any better?

Nance and her husband are both Sargents in the Stockton Police force. Quoting another article:

And, he said, in another incident in 2011, a batch of old department guns that had been acquired when the park ranger division was absorbed by the Sheriff’s Office were sold under fraudulent circumstances.

According to Prieto, the batch was stripped to the frame at the order of his sergeant who has since retired, and the frames were sent to Adamson Police Products, a police supply and gun store in Hayward. San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office employees returned to the store to buy the frames and reassembled the guns with the parts that had been removed. The guns were purchased by employees for personal use.

Discount guns courtesy of the taxpayers? This is the current mess besetting the Stockton Police Department.

Someone wake me up when this bad dream is over. In the meantime, make sure that Kathryn Nance is not nominated for #CA09 or else the democrats will slaughter republicans wholesale.

Apr 292016

There was a reason why Kevin Kiley sandbagged his financial report so he could have a look at everyone else’s reports – he needed to try to stop the narrative that he is the Bay Area candidate.

Fact – 75% of Kiley’s MONEY came from outside the district. In his release, he claims that 2/3 of his donations are from inside the district. This is called Spin and is indicative of how lawyers attempt to manipulate audiences.

Young Mr. Kiley can not spin the fact that he is funded by the Bay Area. His report says clearly that an intermediary in the Bay Area brokered many of his contributions. It appears that he has deduced that this fact may be a problem in #AD06.

His campaign manager is the son of one of his Bay Area money connections.

His form 700 (economic interest statement) shows connections to more Bay Area interests.

Kiley is 31, single, never married, and has had 3 jobs in the 4 years since leaving Law School. The life experience #EPICFAIL is what it is.

If it was not for staged photos and volunteers that have not reached the age of consent yet, Kiley may have a legitimate campaign.

Apr 292016

Let’s go from the bottom up.

Suzanne Jones, has $2500 left. Has lent herself about $10k

Kevin Hanley, has a net $54k left. Has bought some radio and some mail. Has only raised about $20k from people not named Kevin Hanley.

The first real news is that Cristi Nelson raised about $23k TOTAL in 2016. After the reports cut off, Nelson’s Husband went to a couple vendors for another $10k which leaves Nelson with $106k in the bank, just enough to re-pay the $100k loan.

Andy Pugno has given himself $101k, and lent himself 100k + has gotten an additional $16,800 in loans from family. When you subtract his unpaid bills from his cash total, he has about $215k in the bank. Pugno is in debt to Tim Clark, who was hired by Rob Manafort to work for Donald Trump, $15k of the $47k in unpaid bills he reported.

If you are scoring at home: 10K Jones, 105K Hanley, 201K Pugno, 100K Nelson = 416K chipped in by Republican candidates on themselves.

Nelson has raised a little more than 105K, Hanley, 15K, Pugno about 25K and Jones about 10K for a total of $155K.

This is insane. Of The total $571k reported by the above, only 27% of it was raised, the remaining 73% was from their own pocket.

Now, to young Mr. Kiley. The reports showed that the $80k in out of district money he reported was raised for him by an intermediary. This matches the impression I had of his campaign and fundraising all along. In addition, the overwhelming majority of his money is from out of district.

Kiley has given himself $8400 out of his 238K raised. That is not an issue. The real issue is that over half of his money is from Bay Area donors.

Kiley’s campaign crew made sue to leave him with 100k in the bank for the psychological value of having six figures. This is also similar to the staged pictures and the super selective campaign activity designed to create an appearance. It remains to be seen if substance will follow.

Now to my guy, Bill Halldin.

He did not use an intermediary to raise his $230k. He did not come out of pocket for anything significant (maybe $2k) and he raised $230k in 6 less months than young Mr. Kiley.

Halldin reported $130k net in the bank. This puts him in a clear first place, especially since none of the money in his account is his own.

Kiley and Pugno have already sent their first mail pieces and the storm is landing now. Buckle up people.

Do not believe anyone’s press releases – here are the raw numbers

Candidate         TIME IN CAMPAIGN           Amount Raised                Amount of Own Money+Loans         Net Raised

Cristi Nelson    18 Months                              208k                                     100k                                                            108k

Andy Pugno     2 months                                260k                                     201K + 17K                                                 42k

Kevin Hanley  6 months                                 125k                                     105k                                                              20k

Kevin Kiley      11 months                                238k                                   8k                                                                   230k

Bill Halldin     6 months                                  230k                                   5k                                                                    225k


Kevin Kiley had to get outside help to draw even in the money race, something he can not keep up. Bill Halldin is the clear front-runner, because real donors equal real support. When you look closer, over 2/3 of his money is from inside the district. No hyperbole here, just facts.