Sep 262016

IMG_4693 (1)Despite what Gary Miller and others would tell you, the Republican Party and Donald Trump are stronger advocates for Gay Rights than the democrats could ever be. We believe that people have a right to their life despite our personal feelings about what they are doing.

Gary Miller’s version of Gay Rights is fining a baker 130k for not baking a cake or the “human rights” commission in New Mexico telling a photographer it it their civic duty to photograph a gay wedding. No freedom for those that disagree.

Miller, by virtue of this facebook post is practicing the Far-Left Alinsky tactic of “Shaming”. He believes that because he thinks I am a bigot that everyone that associates with me should stop doing so. Not only is that bigoted in its’ own right, it is extremely arrogant.

Hillary Clinton, for her part has made it clear she will be an enemy of religious freedom:

“Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will,” she explained. “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed….”

Sounds eerily similar to Gary Miller and his diatribe on “Cristocentric” religions.

Hillary Clinton did not even wait for the bodies from the Orlando Pulse Nightclub massacre to get cold before she was calling for gun control.  (she wasted no time in taking to twitter)What about the 50+ dead homosexuals, murdered by a Muslim because they were gay?

Clinton did indeed meet with families over a month after the massacre. She has yet to talk about radical islam and their hatred for anyone they disagree with.

CrUYRzkUIAIUygCPerhaps Clinton is deign to rip in to the real villians, and take notes Gary, who are Muslim (not Christian or LDS) because of the cash flow.

Well look here at the major Donors to the Clinton Foundation – a who’s who of the oppressors of Homosexuals everywhere.

Perhaps the correct label for Gary Miller is extreme left-wing hypocrite activist. If Miller was really all about Gay Rights – he’d sternly condem Hillary Clinton for profiting off of the barbarians in the middle east that throw gays off of rooftops or hang them in the streets.

Of course we will never see that.

What we did see, was Omar Mateen’s father sitting in the VIP section of a Hillary Clinton Campaign appearance in Florida. Imagine Gary Miller’s outrage if Mr. Mateen was seen at a Trump rally instead?

Gary Miller was a Bill Clinton delegate in 1992 to the DNC Convention. He is fully invested in the corruption of the Clinton family, perhaps this is another reason why he needs to run around the community trying to invoke pity over all the mean homophobes trying to hold him accountable for his intolerance of Christians?

Once again, Gary Miller is demonstrating that he is not qualified for anything other than private life. He can’t even be consistent in the single most important thing to him – while attempting to scapegoat Christians and Mormons for every bad thing that has ever happened to him.

Perhaps Miller should move to a Muslim Country as he appears all too willing to give them a free pass. Let’s see how that works out for him.

Sep 252016

Let’s dive right in to some of the most recent polls as of 9/25/2016

The Washington Post / ABC poll showed Hillary Clinton with a 2 Point Lead. When you take a close look – the sample they chose shows that Barack Obama has a 55% approval rating. This is high by about 7-10 points.

Then you take a closer look at the partisan makeup of the poll: 33 Dem/23 R/36 I. Whoops. This is a poll with a dem +10 Sample and Hillary Clinton is only at +2. Now you know why her campaign has not been pushing polling numbers, only the media.

It gets better – take a look at McClatchy / Marist. Marist has historically been favorable to democrat candidates. This poll wants you to believe that democrats will outnumber Republicans by 5 points. 37-32 with 30% Independents.

This alone does not suggest how they got Clinton up to a 7 point lead.

Strong Dems go up a point to 26-20 over Strong Republicans. The poll wants us to also believe that 12% of Republicans are going to vote for Hillary Clinton. 22% of the sample are under 30 voters. That is awfully high on both accounts.

Take a look at the Morning Call poll in Pennsylvania that shows Hillary clinging to a 2 point lead – it is 47% Dem 39% Republican with only 10% Independent. Now you know why her campaign is in a panic.

Add in that 17% of the Sample was under 30 (2 points high) an only 24% was over 65 – you can see graphically that the pollsters are either deliberately under-sampling groups favorable to Donald Trump or they are stuck in some sort of a turnout model from 2008.

I also took a look at a series of state polls – Virginia, Colorado and Missouri as done by CBS.

IN Colorado – they used a +2 Dem Sample, while the state registration is almost even. They also limited older voters to only 18% of the sample. There is no historical precedent for that at all. Even with this manipulation – they only got Hillary Clinton a 1 point lead.

There was a consistent thread with all the CBS polls – “Strong Dems” outnumbered “Strong Republicans” by at least 6 points in each sample.

Virginia was +8 for Clinton according to the topline result.

Strong Dems outnumber Strong Republicans 26-17 in the sample. VA is almost evenly split – Strike 1

Only 15% of the sample was over 65. Strike 2

Dems outnumbered Republicans in the overall sample by 4 points – meaning that of the Republicans sampled 60% were considered “Soft R” voters. Only 13% were considered true independents. – Strike 3

Now you get an idea of how the media is manipulating the polling results. Be vigilant, nothing is as it seems.

P.S. I mentioned Missouri – it had Trump +9 with an equally as absurd sample, I bet he wins by 15 or more.

Sep 222016

Please note it is pronounced ME-Shell, but be comforted by that fact that she won’t call you a racist for mispronouncing her last name.

Michelle Vass is this race’s mystery candidate and appears to have filed to be “the only girl” in the race, based on accounts related to me. It is a fairly well-known fact that there are a segment of voters that refuse to vote for any male where there is a female on the ballot. (Unless the female has 99% name ID and 70% of the voters think she is a crook) In 2012, a lone female candidate got 7,000 votes for Rocklin City Council despite doing nothing.

I had made mention earlier that Michelle lives in an apartment and was queried by a commenter about why that is an issue. By itself, it may not be a disqualifier even though all of her opponents have a mortgage.

What makes it more of an issue is when you realize that Michelle only finished college last year and her most recent job was working as an intern for a politician in Sacramento.

Currently, Vass is apparently semi or unemployed and is campaigning full time.

Now it becomes clearer that Michelle is just getting started in life and the apartment thing may well be an indicator of a lack of life experience and thus a lack of credentials to serve on the Rocklin City Council.

A further investigation of Michelle shows that she was President of the Lompoc Association of Realtors. Sources there tell me that Vass was able to obtain that position in her 20’s largely because her mother was an icon in the local business community. This is not unheard of and may not necessarily be a bad thing except…

… her tenure was marred by scandal. The Lompoc Association of Realtors had an embezzlement problem and part of it happened on the watch of Michelle Vass. Ouch.

Now we have multiple issues suggesting that Vass lacks the experience or history needed to be an effective Rocklin City Councilmember.

Police recommended that financial safeguards be put in place to protect the group/s membership dues, but that was never done, said association President Michele Vass.

Soon the association was being embezzled again.

The assistant to the executive had been promoted and was the new financial caretaker. Within two years, she began stealing money. In January 2007, the association discovered that the nightmare had started again. This time, 145,000 had been embezzled, Vass said.

Why didn’t Vass do what was suggested by law enforcement? Was she too unsure of herself in her position? Was it because of a lack of experience?

How could we expect Vass to assert herself if called upon on the Rocklin City Council? The intertia of City Staff, the local business network and that web of control can be suffocating.

It is clear that the embezzlement that occurred under the watch of Michelle Vass could have been prevented. But, she did nothing.

Now the recent college graduate who lives in an apartment has multiple credibility problems as a candidate for Rocklin City Council as what little public history there is of her is not good at all.

Sep 212016

Camille Maben is a liberal democrat.

Camille Maben worked for Delaine Eastin, who was a sworn enemy of school choice, and charter schools.

Camille Maben has been antagonistic to said movements as a member of the Rocklin School Board.

Despite her far-left views, which included supporting AB32, the Bathroom Bill and a host of other insanity – she has enjoyed a ton of political cover in Rocklin.

As a subset of the unfolding drama in the Rocklin City Council Race is a three-way race for two seats on the Rocklin School Board.

We here at Right On Daily have endorsed:

Eric Stevens and Kathy Turner for Rocklin Unified School District Board.

Camille Maben wrote in her 2008 Ballot Statement that she was running for her 5th and final term. She broke that promise, and has now done so twice as she is seeking her 7th(!) term on the Rocklin Unified School District Board.

Don’t take my word for it – have a look at this PDF. Turn to page 19 and read it for yourself.

In addition that statement references working for the governor’s office. Which Governor, you may ask? The recalled and scandal-riddled Gray Davis.

Camille Maben needs to be retired as she seems unable to retire herself, or to keep her promises. The part about her extreme left-wing views on Common Core, Charter Schools, Bathroom Bills and the like and the complete buffet of deplorables that are the Camille Maben experience.

Sep 202016

Thomas N Hudson sent out an email a few weeks ago referring to Courage Worldwide as a “Bogus Charity”. He lied. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a retraction to be issued to the estimated 1000 people he BCC’ed on the email he sent.

In his zeal to “Be Right” he sent out an email celebrating a hit piece written by an overzealous clearly anti-Christian reporter at the Sacramento Bee.

Once the absurdities of the “Issues” brought by idiot bureaucrats (did I mention that Thomas N Hudson is a $166,000 a year employee of the State of CA?) were day-lighted, guess what happened?

Read for yourself:


ROCKLIN – Courage Worldwide said today that after the appeal process and a positive programming conference with state officials, the organization is in good standing with state regulators and plans to rehire and train new staff to reopen Courage House immediately.

The state has dismissed three program citations and the organization has appealed the remaining ones, noting the state’s prior approval of all Courage House programs and policies.

The organization is pleased to announce they will resume accepting girls after staff is rehired and trained, since state officials agreed cell phones can be dangerous to the residents and staff at Courage House. Courage House policies can now deny the use of cell phones and other equipment dangerous to the girls and/or their recovery on a case-by-case basis.

The Courage Worldwide Board of Directors said:

“The population we serve is extremely unique and often existing state regulations regarding the care of minor children do not take into consideration their complex trauma and past association with criminals and the dangerous world of human trafficking.

“We are gratified that the state has granted a number of our appeals and has agreed cell phones pose a real danger to the girls in our care since they link these vulnerable children back to the people who trafficked them. The cell phone is the preferred mechanism of the trafficker to market and sell under-age girls on the internet. Our organization will continue to challenge and appeal any regulations we feel endanger the children we serve or the staff who serve them.

“We are excited to resume serving girls later this year after we rehire and train appropriate staff. All of our fundraising efforts will be focused on recruiting, hiring and training qualified staff. The state agreed that our pause on accepting new residents was wise in light of new licensing that will allow Courage House to now function as a Short Term Residential Treatment Program (STRTP) instead of a Group Home. ”

The organization, which operates 24-hour residential homes in Tanzania and Northern California as well as an extensive program to educate communities about sex trafficking issues, decided to temporarily close its Northern California site in mid-June as it worked to meet new California licensing requirements, hire staff who meet the new requirements while appealing program citations cited by the state that the organization felt endanger residents and staff.

The Northern California 52 acre property currently has beds for 6 girls with a campus plan to build ten cottages for a total of 60 residents. Currently, Courage Worldwide has completed 85% of the county permitting process to begin construction on the first cottage by year end. The Tanzania home is currently serving 6 girls, with a capacity to serve 12. Courage Worldwide anticipates both homes being at capacity by year end since they have had over 350 requests for placement since opening. Courage House Northern California and Tanzania have been fully operational for 5 years, opening in 2011 for girls age 11 to 17, providing round-the-clock treatment services 365 days a year. Its program has received national recognition and to date over 65 girls have called Courage House home.

Though Courage House Nor Cal paused its residential operations for several months, the organization has been fully operational continuing its extensive education, advocacy and outreach programs as well as support for former residents of its home here in the Sacramento region.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for an apology from Thomas N Hudson. He is of a class of political operatives that live in a relative world and his alleged conservative values are but a thinly veneered resume used to make money. Hudson desperately needed to be right as Courage received money from the Placer CRA when it was dissolved. Hudson re-formed a shell in order to assuage his bruised ego and saw the opportunity for a cheap shot as validation.

In the mean time – a fine upstanding Charity, unique in its’ mission was smeared by the Sacramento Bee, using disgruntled former employees and the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister as delivery vehicles.

Courage Worldwide is not his only recent victim – Hudson wrote a series of deceptive and misleading ballot arguments against a host of measures, regardless of their merits or otherwise. There is no moral inhibition once he thinks he is right on what he does and he got Ken Campbell, Deborah Jackson and others to sign onto his deceptions. Special.